A heavily armoured Warrior.

The warriors are the front line in Regnum. Their presence keeps groups together and allow coordination, while protecting the ranged classes. They lead the charges and punish those who cannot get away fast. The main attribute for warriors is Strenght. It gives them higher physical damage, and also more space in the inventory. Constitution is also important, since it boosts the health bar.

There are 4 skill branches in the warrior tree.

  • Slashing/Blunt/Piercing weapons: Choosing a the weapon type is important for warriors. Each kind has it's own uniqe skills and abillities.
  • Tactics: Basic melee fighting tricks. Gives them an edge in hand to hand combat.
  • The subclasses for warriors are Barbarian and Knight. Barbarians learn to wield two handed weapons, wich give them the highest damage of the game. They also use a wide range of warcries to boost their allies and frighten their enemies. They wear tough leather armor, which provides adequate protection against enemy attacks. Knights are unstoppable armor-coated soldiers. They have the highest defense and are able to equip shields, making them tough to defeat. Their offensive skills are low, but they can make the difference in the battlefield with their defensive auras.


  • Warcries: Buffs and debuffs to share with everyone in the battlefield.
  • Two handed weapons: Many of the strongest skills in game, using brutal moves and huge weapons.
  • Knight

  • Vanguard: Self buffing defense skills. They allow the kinght a swift run trough a sea of enemies.
  • Shields: Gives higher block and resist chance. Allows the use of auras and protection magic.
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