Volcanic Zone
World Map
Realm: Ignis Ignis Shield Icon
Region: Inner Realm
Inhabitants: 3

The burned grounds of the Volcanic Zone.


A view from Allahed's Valley.

The Volcanic Zone is an area found in Ignis' Inner Realm. The area has exits in Alexia's Domains and Altaruk's Surroundings. It is filled with many unique creatures that have evolved to adapt with the surrounding terrain. Among these creatures is Jidenah, a powerful hyena boss. According to Ignean historians, the Volcanic Zone was created when their god's fought a massive battle between each other on the mortal plane. A lower pit in the area is also the nesting ground of the Ignean dragon, Tenax.




  • Although players can drown in water, the lava found in the Volcanic Zone is harmless to players. NGD has stated that in the future perhaps this will be changed.

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