aka Michelle

  • I live in United States
  • I was born on February 29
  • I am Female

My likes are tigers, bats, the words pinguino and reloj de pulsera in spanish, the colors green and blue, especially that bright clear-water ocean blue, or ice blue, I like pop and country songs and my 2 cats, Bunny and Luna. Dislikes are errors, lack of communication, and angry people.

Best way to contact me is through Discord as Arsenic/Arici #9355.

Regnum Edit

It's my 5 year passion(I hope to continue as long as I can), and I love learning more. The only game I am likely to participate in on this site is the Champions of Regnum wiki.

Editing Edit

Please, please, please, chat me if you're working on editing or co-editing an article. It can take me anywhere from a minute to 2 hours to add and modify everything from images to wording to sentence structure, for me to finish. With a click of the button I have, and possibly will continue to accidentally over-write anything you may have added in the meantime.

I love collaborating and communication, adding paragraphs or pages, snippets of info, and other people's pov which is essential imo for any well written piece involving a 3 realm game.

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