"The Typhoon creates a vacuum suction that forces enemies into the lethal blade"

Typhoon is a Warrior power: the 10th and final of the Slashing Weapons discipline.

Typhoon Power Icon
360 degree attack, destabilizes and damages damages the enemies that are next to the warrior.
Type: Direct
Discipline level: 19
Character level: 37
Affects: Multiple opponentsCasting time: 1.5sArea: 6mCooldown time: 180sGlobal Cooldown: Normal
Power level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Mana cost 380 410 440 470 500
Spell duration 1s 2s 3s 4s 5s
Damage to enemies
Attack damage 80% 90% 100% 120% 150%
Slashing Damage Icon Slashing 50 100 150 200 250
Debuffs on enemies
Knock down


Of the three final Warrior areas, Typhoon is regarded by some as the strongest as knock down is regarded as a stronger crowd control than Stun or Dizzy from the other two position 10 warrior areas Thunder Strike and Lightning Strike.

Documented changes

  • Version 1.10.9 (2014/8/28): Casting time reduced to 1.5 s, Attack damage improved to 80% - 150% for levels 1-5, slashing damage increased slightly. Removed knock random chance. Reduced knock duration
  • Version 1.0.7 (2010/7/20): Casting time reduced.
  • Version 1.0.6 (2010/5/21): Bonus slashing damage reduced. Now has a knockdown effect. Reduced area to 6m.
  • Version 1.0.0 (2008/12/17): Weapon damage percentage dealt reduced on levels 1 - 4.
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