Thundermace's Spirit
Thundermace's Spirit
Area:Thundermace's Ruins
Location:412, 791
Sex: Male

Thundermace is an important part of Alsius' lore. He commanded the dwarves as they sailed the seas they have feared for generations, and fell in love with the ocean. In the years after the dwarven colonization of Alsius, tales of his adventures traveled the whole empire. He is responsible for finding the first magnanite weapon in his realm, angering the Aquantis Empire in the process, who used their magic to create a giant eddy called the Aquantis Throat, pulling Thundermace's fleet into the Aquantis homeland. When they attempted to kill him, he slew hundreds of them and escaped back to Alsius. It can be assumed from this feat that he was one of the greatest warriors who ever lived.

Now, his restless spirit remains trapped in the world of the living due to the Aquantis' desecration of an artifact known as the Jewel of the Seas. Recovering the Jewel will allow Thundermace to return to his rest in the halls of the ancestors.


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