Thundermace's Ruins
Level: 6 Class: All
Given by: Gunfar (Rottersvall Village: 861, 774)
XP: 200 Gold Icon Gold: 350

"Thundermace's Ruins" is a level 6 quest in the Alsius realm, given by Gunfar.


Gunfar tells you the story of Thundermace, a great hero who started off as an adventurer just like you. Thundermace's remains, along with the remains of his crew and their ships, lie on an island west of Rottersvall known as Thundermace's Ruins. The Aquantis have attacked again, and their latest wave has emerged in the middle of Thundermace's Ruins. Gunfar wants you to take care of the situation, and sends you to speak with a guard of Thundermace's Ruins named Younbross Rainmace.

Younbross tells you that he and his brother, Olbross Rainmace are responsible for keeping the Aquantis away from Rottersvall, and continues the tale of Thundermace, telling of Thundermace's victory over the Aquantis. He sends you to speak with Olbross, who is deeper inside Thunermace's Ruins.

According to Olbross, the Aquantis are trying to steal Thendermace's ship. The ship is located on a nearby coast, and was protected by the Jewel of the Seas. The Aquantis have removed this jewel, weakening the ships protection, and awaking Thundermace from his eternal rest. If you are willing, you can help Olbross set things right and let Thundermace return to his rest.


  1. Speak To Quest Icon Speak to Younbross Rainmace (Eternal White Island: 568, 870)
  2. Speak To Quest Icon Speak to Olbross Rainmace (Thundermace's Ruins: 349, 985)


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