Thundermace's Rest
Level: 7 Class: All
Given by: Olbross Rainmace (Thundermace's Ruins: 349, 985)
XP: 250 Gold Icon Gold: 0
Archer & Warrior: Cloth Helm

"Thundermace's Rest" is a level 7 quest in the Alsius realm, given by Olbross Rainmace.


It's finally time to lay Thundermace's Spirit to rest, and Olbross Rainmace tells you that Thundermace can be found a short distance to the north in his old commanding post. The Amulet of the Seas that you now possess will let Thundermace know that you are an ally, but Thundermace's guards won't recognize the amulet, and will attack. You must kill two of Thundermace's Escorts before you can speak with Thundermace.

After the escorts are dead, you try to offer Thundermace the Amulet of the Seas. He refuses the amulet and fades away, finally at peace. You decide to tell Olbross about this unusual turn of events.

Olbross is initially as surprised as you, but figures that Thundermace must consider you a worth heir after the many tasks you have preformed to get the Amulet of the Seas. Olbross tells you to keep the amulet and use it to help your fellow comrades, then instructs you to tell Gunfar in Rottersvall everything that has happened.


  1. Kill Quest Icon Kill 2 Thundermace's Escort
  2. Give Quest Icon Give Amulet of the Seas to Thundermace's Spirit (Thundermace's Ruins: 412, 791)
  3. Give Quest Icon Give Amulet of the Seas to Olbross Rainmace (Thundermace's Ruins: 349, 985)


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