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Location:Thorkul's Rage
Respawn Time:109 Hours

Thorkul is an epic boss found in Thorkul's Rage, a ravaged area that is to no surprised named after him. Unlike other bosses, Thorkul is for the most part immobile. However, ranged players and melee players alike will be ravaged by his heavy AoE skills.


Little is known about Thorkul, where he came from and what he is, but a general idea of his power can be seen throughout the area surrounding him. He is commonly referred to as "the worm" among Alsirians. The first dwarves that left their original homeland were also attacked by a "snake-like beast" there, but it is unknown if that beast was anything like Thorkul. Thorkul does however bear some similarity to the World Serpent Jörmungandr spoken of in Norse mythology.


Thorkul has the highest base armor in the game, his thick carapace reduces all forms of damage significantly, therefore players should use as many debuffs as possible when facing him. On top of his armor rating he has an incredible health regeneration, and will continuously pop in and out of the ground to hide and attack again. Because he only mainly attacks whatever is in melee range, players can rest and retreat while fighting him, but should be wary of his ranged ice ball skill. He can be extremely unpredictable, shooting off different types of area nukes that can cripple most of his attackers in one strike. Unbuffed and low level players will usually have minimal chances of survival when facing these areas.

In order to defeat him, ranged classes generally tend to attack him and debuff him, while melee classes deal the main damage. This being a mostly mana draining task, ranged classes stay at the limit of his aggro range so they can rest to replenish energy. Melee classes should surround him near his hole and attack non-stop, if killed, they should resurrect to the nearby save and jump back into the action. This fight proves very expensive in repairs, especially for the melee classes. So when facing him, many conjurers are needed to keep the team from collapsing by broken equipment.

Drops and Loot

  • Loot:
    • Thorkul's Meat
    • Thorkul's Spikes
    • Thorkul's Sun Tear Gem
    • Thorkul's Ice Gem
    • Wormhole Dust
    • Wormhole Rock

Skills Used

  • Ice Ball Power Icon.jpgIce Ball
  • Melting Breath Power Icon.jpgMelting Breath
  • Tremor (Thorkul) Power Icon.jpgTremor
  • Sweep Power Icon.jpgSweep
  • Thorkuls bite is a spell used on one player who holds the aggro of his attacks. The best way to describe this spell would be a high level ethereal arrow, however Thorkuls bite is a complete death sentence as it cant be blocked or resisted. The only known way to stop the boss from casting it is by having Divine Intervention active on you.


Thorkul seems to use magic ( but not ice based, maybe fire ) attacks, with a huge amount of critical hits.

  • Trivia: Thorkul is currently the largest monster ingame. Up close his model will usually fill up the entire screen.