The path of Warmaster
Level: 50 Class: All
Given by: Eirin Ironheart (Montsognir City: 988, 1347)
XP: 0 Gold Icon Gold: 0
Mcoin Icon Master Coins: 1,000

"The path of Warmaster" is a level 50 quest in the Alsius realm, given by Eirin Ironheart.


Eirin Ironheart said...

Any warrior can enter the War Zone and beat some enemies in combat. But only a true War Master can change the course of battle.

Do you think you have what it takes to be one of us? You'll have to earn it at the battlefield.

A warrior worthy of our armors must forge his name each day, until becoming the one that guides his men to the last victory.

Your journey can start today. If that is your wish, go to Syrtis and beat 30 of their soldiers. Your success will be rewarded.


  1. Kill Quest Icon Kill 30 Players from Syrtis
  2. The 30 players must be unique.
  3. Speak To Quest Icon Speak to Eirin Ironheart (Montsognir City: 988, 1347)


A player must have 2% participation/damage to receive credit for a kill. The 30 kills must be unique players. Thus killing the same player repeatedly will not fulfill the quest.

This quest is repeatable and resets daily at 3:00 GMT.

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