The Jewel of Thundermace
Level: 6 Class: All
Given by: Olbross Rainmace (Thundermace's Ruins: 349, 985)
XP: 350 Gold Icon Gold: 300

"The Jewel of Thundermace" is a level 6 quest in the Alsius realm, given by Olbross Rainmace.


In order for Thundermace's Spirit to rest in peace, you must eliminate the Aquantis threat and recover the Amulet of the Seas. Thundermace's old ship lies in Fyrkat Port, which is where the Aquantis have gathered. Olbross Rainmace tells you an Avenging Aquantis is likely to be carrying the Jewel of the Seas, the first piece of the Amulet of the Seas. After recovering the jewel, you must kill the Aquantis Leader to eliminate the Aquantis threat. Olbross cautions against fighting the Aquantis Leader until after the Jewel of the Seas is recovered, though, as his death would result in the remaining Aquantis scattering and possibly loosing the jewel forever.

After dealing with the Aquantis and returning the Jewel of the Seas to Olbross, he tells you that you must find the Golden Tie, the second piece of the Amulet of the Seas. The Golden Tie is in the possession of Thundermace's Prime Officer who is now an undead haunting the village to the east.


  1. Go To Quest Icon Go to Fyrkat Port
  2. Get Quest Icon Get 1 Jewel of the Seas from Avenging Aquantis
  3. Kill Quest Icon Kill 1 Aquantis Leader
  4. Give Quest Icon Give Jewel of the Seas to Olbross Rainmace (Thundermace's Ruins: 349, 985)


  • The Aquantis Leader is normal mob named "Aquantis Leader". He is level 7 so if you accept this quest as soon as possible, his name will be blue. He should not be confused with the Aquantis Champion, who is quite difficult to fight and doesn't have to be killed for this quest.
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