The Harbor
Level: 3 Class: All
Given by: Kanya (Nasraah Tej Village: 4804, 836)
XP: 165 Gold Icon Gold: 100

"The Harbor" is a level 3 quest in the Ignis realm, given by Kanya.


The Nasraah Tej Port receives the capital city cargos that cannot be transported through the summit.

One of the sailors, Farez, is a good friend of mine. He asked me to take care of his pet leopard while he was away, and sincce he's back already I thought you could take it to him, and explore some of the territory.

Take the exit northeast of the village. The road leads first to the Green Valley. Follow it until the New Beach. Go north through the beach and you'll see the port leaning from the cliff.


  1. Go To Quest Icon Go to Green Valley
  2. Go To Quest Icon Go to New Beach
  3. Go To Quest Icon Go to Nasraah Tej Port
  4. Give Quest Icon Give Pet Leopard to Farez (Nasraah Tej's Port: 4640, 409)

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