The Frozen Lake
Level: 6 Class: All
Given by: Valsak (Rottersvall Village: 852, 793)
XP: 250 Gold Icon Gold: 600

"The Frozen Lake" is a level 6 quest in the Alsius realm, given by Valsak.


One day, while Valsak was fishing on the frozen lake, he was attacked by a Rabid Albino Bear! The bear came at him, roaring and drawling, and knocked Valsak's fishing pole from his hands. The fishing pole belonged to Valsak's father, and he wants you to retrieve it from the frozen lake, along with slaying the Rabid Albino Bear.

After traveling to the frozen lake and slaying the Bear, you find a small hole in the ice where Valsak must have been fishing. Upon closer inspection, you see a fishing hook embedded in the ice near the hole, and a length of fishing line descending into the depths of the lake. After a hard pull, you bring the fishing pole to the surface of the lake.

Valsak is overjoyed when you return his fishing pole. You have made a grumpy old dwarf very happy.


  1. Go To Quest Icon Go to Frozen Lake
  2. The Frozen Lake is located at 1070, 865.
  3. Kill Quest Icon Kill 1 Rabid Albino Bear
  4. Interact With Quest Icon Interact with Fishing hole
  5. Go To Quest Icon Go to Rottersvall Village
  6. Give Quest Icon Give Fishing pole to Valsak (Rottersvall Village: 852, 793)


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