The Frozen Gem
Level: 9 Class: All
Given by: Gunfar (Rottersvall Village: 861, 774)
XP: 550 Gold Icon Gold: 600

"The Frozen Gem" is a level 9 quest in the Alsius realm, given by Gunfar.


Roderic wants to improve the defenses of the island, and thinks that the construction of a magical barrier is the way to do it. He needs a spell focus, though, so that he doesn't have to constantly maintain the barrier once it is created. A group of Yeti in Thundermace's Ruins have an object that would serve as a suitable focus, a glowing, enchanted gem called the Rhyme Heart. It is locked on a pedestal which requires an activation rune to access. The nearby Yeti are likely to hold this rune.

You travel to Thundermace's Ruin and find the Rhyme heart surrounded by a group of Yeti. The poor beasts have idolized the stone, unaware of the power it contains. You kill a Yeti carrying the Runed Stone, and take it to the Rhyme Heart. After you speak aloud the rune on the stone, the Rhyme Heart is released from it's pedestal, and you take it in your hands. There is an intense cold radiating from the stone, so you are forced to place it in your bag rather than carry it further by hand.

When you give the Rhyme Heart to Roderic, he is pleased beyond words. The cold stone is the perfect spell focus, and with it the defensive barrier will never fall. Though he can't pay you the stone's true worth, Roderic gives you a large sum of gold for your troubles.


  1. Speak To Quest Icon Speak to Roderic (Rottersvall Village: 860, 766)
  2. Go To Quest Icon Go to Thundermace's Ruins
  3. Get Quest Icon Get 1 Activation rune from Young Yeti
  4. The Young Yeti are at the south of the island.
  5. Use Quest Icon Use Activation rune with Runed stone
  6. The Runed stone is at 427, 1094.
  7. Give Quest Icon Give Rhyme heart to Roderic (Rottersvall Village: 860, 766)


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