The Crystal Island Challenge
Level: 8 Class: All
Given by: Gunfar (Rottersvall Village: 861, 774)
XP: 400 Gold Icon Gold: 500

"The Crystal Island Challenge" is a level 8 quest in the Alsius realm, given by Gunfar.


Now that you have some experience, Gunfar would like for you to help out the Crystal Guards. The Crystal Guards are a group of soldiers who watch Crystal Island and keep its many wild animals from attacking Rottersvall. Due to the intense cold and wild beasts, the guards rotate their positions frequently. Because of this rotation, it is nearly impossible to remember the names of the guards on duty, so they call themselves by a number representing their current position. Crystal Guard I is the closest to the center of Crystal Island, while Crystal Guard VII is the closest to Rottersvall. Your first task is to speak with Crystal Guard VII and see what you can do to help.

Crystal Guard VII wants to test you to see if you have the ability to survive on Crystal Island. Your task is to collect 5 skulls from the Ancient Snow Skeletons that inhabit the entrance to Crystal Island. You are to deliver these skulls to Crystal Guard VI, who will determine if you are ready to venture deeper into the Island.


  1. Speak To Quest Icon Speak to Crystal Guard VII (Eternal White Island: 800, 557)
  2. Go To Quest Icon Go to Crystal Island
  3. Get Quest Icon Get 5 Skeleton skull from Ancient Snow Skeleton
  4. Give Quest Icon Give Skeleton skull to Crystal Guard VI (Crystal Island: 538, 349)


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