Conjurers are a subclass of the mage and are the healers in Regnum. They have access to a whole range of protection spells, as well as the unique ability of summoning magical creatures to aid them in battle. They offer powerful support and are a key element in most fights.

Beacause of their unique power to heal, conjurers are the most targeted subclass in battle. Their great cc and defensive skills help at increasing their survivability. This are not enough if the enemy decides to focus fire tough, allies will be expecting the conjurer to be attacked, and provide protection and cover for them.

Trying to pull the same as Warlock:Talk


The conjurer's offensive arsenal is smaller than that of a warlock. Summons help supplement their damage output while Grinding. Their abbility to heal, both themselves and their minions, means they can usually go for a long time without resting.

During Boss battles conjurers can provide healing and buffing, greatly increasing the whole band's performance. Dispelling is also vital, since many DOTs cast by bosses can kill a player quickly. Warlocks are also able to dispel, but is rare for them to spend points in the Enchantments Discipline.

If the number of conjurers is high and healing is easly covered, spare mana can be used on offensive spells.


A conjurer's experience in pvp depends greatly on his setup. A war oriented one will have a very hard time against any other class on one-on-one. Making even escaping a hard task, bearing in mind 4 out of the 6 subclasses can run faster and catch up with him.

On the other hand, the pvp ready conjurer is force to be reckoned with. They will most likely have their summoned companion, plus several more offensive spells. Combined with cc and healing the mage becomes a very tough nut to crack.

However this creates a dillema. Should one enter war zone with pvp or rvr configuration? The decision will depend in what the objective of the conjurer is, and if he will look for big fights or small scale skirmishes.


Warlocks have great damage dealing, both single target and areas. In battles their main function is to dish out damage and disrupt enemy ranks. The second can be achieved by using their most powerful spells, like Master of Doom and Sultar's Terror.

This rank breaking power allows warlocks to create an opening for warriors to rush safely, or for a small group to surprise with a flank attack. These tactics are expected tough, and warlocks that get too close are quickly picked up by enemy mages and archers. One must learn to use the enviroment to cast these while hidden, and know when to fall back when the low health reserve is endangered.

A warlock that retreats behind lines to rest, comes back faster than one running all the way from the save.


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