New Weapons
Level: 3 Class: Mage
Given by: Veglia (Skolheim Village: 1246, 416)
XP: 25 Gold Icon Gold: 0

"New Weapons" is a level 3 quest in the Alsius realm, given by Veglia.


Continuing your training, Veglia tells you of the importance of upgrading your weapon. She feels it is in the Empire's best interest to provide you with a Training Staff, and gives you a note to take to the merchant Ramtoth.

Ramtoth remarks that you must have made an impression on your trainer, because the note says that he is to give you a Training Staff free of charge. After picking out an appropriately sized staff from a nearby chest, Ramtoth adjusts it for you. He warns that these adjustments are not permanent, and that you must maintain your equipment to keep it working properly. He sends you back to Veglia for further training.


  1. Give Quest Icon Give Delivery Order to Ramtoth (Skolheim Village: 1231, 424)
  2. Interact With Quest Icon Interact with Ramtoth's Chest
  3. Give Quest Icon Give Wooden Staff to Ramtoth (Skolheim Village: 1231, 424)


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