Mysterious Mineral
Level: 11 Class: All
Given by: Montsognir City subclass trainer
XP: 800 Gold Icon Gold: 0

"Mysterious Mineral" is a level 11 quest in the Alsius realm, given by Montsognir City Subclass Trainers.


Your subclass trainer tells you that by now you've probably heard the story of Thundermace and his many adventures. What you haven't heard is that besides Thundermace's bravery and combat prowess, he also made known the importance of Magnanite and its ability to increase the power of the kingdom. Magnanite isn't available in large quantities, but it can be found throughout Alsius if you look hard enough. It is a malleable, yet highly resistant material that can be used to forge weapons of great power.

When Thundermace was taken to the land of the Aquantis by the great eddy, he discovered an alter within their city. In it laid a great war hammer. Thundermace took the hammer and brought it back to Alsius, where it was analyzed by the greatest steel artisans. They discovered that Magnanite can be transformed into an object with properties so amazing it almost appears magic.

After years of research an experimentation, the secrets of Magnanite were eventually discovered, and are still used by the blacksmiths and weapon smiths of the kingdom.


  1. Speak To Quest Icon Speak to Fundin Trollsmasher (Montsognir City: 983, 1299)
  2. Speak To Quest Icon Speak to Oddi Fullglass (Montsognir City: 1020, 1295)


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