Mount Arena
World Map
Realm: Ignis Ignis Shield Icon
Region: Inner Realm
Inhabitants: 3

At the peak lies Ignis' Arena.

Mount Arena is an area found in Ignis' Inner Realm. The area can be entered from a steep road in Allahed's Valley. Mount Arena is an important place for the Ignean people, as gladiators fight here for glory, and pay respect to the fallen. The mountains themselves are grueling, so the journey up the mountain is considered by many to be a spiritual trial. A small enclave exists in the heart of the mountains, and is the site of an Ignean burial ground. Some of the dead have risen from their graves to haunt the nearby surroundings, the most notorious being Gohos.


Another view of the arena from the graveyard.




  • Bug: There is a point in Mount Arena where players can climb the surrounding mountains and explore beyond the intended map. It is not possible to enter the Initiation Zone, but players can reach areas like the mountains behind Altaruk City.

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