Moloks inhabited Ignis even before the dark elves and esquelings. Although the encounter of many in a land that provides so little could have been conflictive, both sides discovered they shared a past. Moloks, after all, had been victims of the igneos in former times, and they were moving toward the Ignean capital in search of revenge.

— In-game description


The moloks are the tall and well-built natives of Ignis. They were discovered by the dark elf and esquelio alliance and together, they now defend the realm of Ignis. Their size and strength make them formidable warriors and archers, but they cannot become mages.


Starting stats for the different classes Moloks can play as are as follows:

Archer Warrior
Concentration 25 20
Constitution 20 25
Dexterity 30 25
Intelligence 20 20
Strength 25 30

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