Missing Runestones - The Map
Level: 39 Class: All
Given by: Gilbror (Montsognir City: 1007, 1349)
XP: 5025 Gold Icon Gold: 5000

"Missing Runestones - The Map" is a level 39 quest in the Alsius realm, given by Gilbror.


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  1. Use Quest Icon Use Potion with Chest
  2. Interact With Quest Icon Interact with Chest
  3. Give Quest Icon Give Parchment with Drawings to Gilbror (Montsognir City: 1007, 1349)
  4. Give Quest Icon Give Map to Rune Stones to Gunter Softkill (Montsognir City: 903, 1334)
  5. Speak To Quest Icon Speak to Peltrie Hardback (Montsognir City: 976, 1326)
  6. Give Quest Icon Give Pardon to Gunter Softkill (Montsognir City: 903, 1334)

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