Missing Runestones - The Map
Level: 39 Class: All
Given by: Tatian (Altaruk City: 4759, 1376)
XP: 5025 Gold Icon Gold: 5000

"Missing Runestones - The Map" is a level 39 quest in the Ignis realm, given by Tatian.


I have completed the potion. All you have to do is take it to the chest you put the rune stones into, open the chest and pour the contents into the chest. Close the chest and lock it. Wait a few seconds, and when you open the chest, you will will find a small parchment with drawings. It may look like nothing to you, but it is the exact location of where the runes stones are.

Bring me the parchment with drawings, and I'll tell you where you can find your rune stones.


  1. Use Quest Icon Use Potion with Chest
  2. Interact With Quest Icon Interact with Chest
  3. Give Quest Icon Give Parchment with Drawings to Tatian (Altaruk City: 4759, 1376)
  4. Give Quest Icon Give Map to Rune Stones to Daracan (Altaruk City: 4753, 1374)
  5. Speak To Quest Icon Speak to Gazzan Fenixsteel (Altaruk City: 4769, 1402)
  6. Give Quest Icon Give Pardon to Daracan (Altaruk City: 4753, 1374)

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