Missing Runestones - Lethal Fluids
Level: 39 Class: All
Given by: Porlas (Fisgael City: 1149, 4576)
XP: 7050 Gold Icon.png Gold: 22500

"Missing Runestones - Lethal Fluids" is a level 39 quest in the Syrtis realm, given by Porlas.


Porlas: The blacksmith grinded the golem heart, and I have it in a safe place. The second ingredient that the potion calls for is a jar of Huge Green Snake Venom Dose. I would certainly understand if this isn't the type of thing you are interested. I am deathly afraid of snakes. If you are up to it though, bring me 25 Venom Dose from Huge Green Snake.

Porlas: Ugh! Wretched beasts! I detest snakes. If this is as close as I get to one, I'll consider myself a lucky man. I'll go add this to the other ingredient we have and we can talk about the last ingredient.


  1. Go To Quest Icon.png Go to Ruins Prairie
  2. Get Quest Icon.png Get 25 Venom Dose from Huge Green Snake
  3. Go To Quest Icon.png Go to Fisgael City
  4. Give Quest Icon.png Give Venom Dose to Porlas (Fisgael City: 1149, 4576)

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