Magnanite Rock

A special rock, which when picked up, may give magnanite.

Magnanite is a rare substance. Its purpose, when enough of it is collected, is to make the very special magnanite weapons. However, doing so is not at all easy.

The player's magnanite journey starts at level 10 when they can pick up a quest from their subclass trainer called "Mysterious Mineral". Each realm has a separate tale to tell about the origins of magnanite. This quest will give them a sample of the substance they are looking for.

The next stage is the quest "Magnanite Ingot" where the player needs to acquire 500 magnanite and take it to the appropriate NPC in their realm, who will make an ingot for them. This needs to be repeated 10 times, and once they have 10 ingots, they need to speak to another NPC who, through the quest "The Power of Magnanite", will make the weapon of their choosing for their class.

The NPCs are:


Magnanite is found only in special rocks, which randomly spawn anywhere on the map. The rocks glow slightly and are simply labelled "Rock" when the player moves their mouse over them. When interacting with a rock, a player can either receive a plain, useless rock, one or five pieces of magnanite, or amber or quartz rocks. At the moment the amber or quartz rocks have no purpose in the game, but given their low weight, some players keep them in case they become useful in the future. Magnanite can be traded, and it will usually be necessary to buy magnanite from other players to collect the 500 required. It should be noted that magnanite is often used as a currency by some players, trading certain amounts of magnanite for weapons and armor.

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