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A Mage (Fan Art)

The mage is a class specialized in ranged combat, both dealing damage and supporting allies. They use magical staves as weapons, allowing them to attack at a distance without the use of ammo. Unlike the other classes, the mage gains three additional discipline trees after choosing a subclass, as well as gaining additional discipline and power points.

A mage's primary attribute is intelligence, which governs the size of the mana pool, spell resistance, staff damage, and spell focus. Of secondary importance is the concentration attribute, which gives the mage both a higher hit chance and also affects spell focus. A lack of strength, dexterity, and constitution means that the mage has poor physical damage, evasion, and lower health totals, though their versatility makes them a tough, hard to predict class.

A mage can equip a staff, tunic, hat, glove, and a bracelet.


Like the other classes there are 4 disciplines of powers common to all mages.

  • Mental: Basic damage dealing magic and crowd control spells.
  • Mana Control: Spells that improve the spell casting and mana pool for the mage, as well as protective shields
  • Staff Mastery: Gives the mage additional uses for his staff (damage bonuses and similar)
  • Enchantments: Allows the mage to strengthen his allies and weaken his enemies


Mental Discipline Icon
Allows manipulating or damaging an opponent using the mind's strength.
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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
Arcane Missile Power Icon Arcane Missile 1 Direct 1 5 25
A weak fire damage strike.
Beetle Swarm Power Icon Beetle Swarm 2 Constant 2 40 5,6,7,8,9 25
Small insects appear, causing piercing damage and keeping the foe from attacking.
Blaze Power Icon Blaze 3 Direct 0.5 10 6
Fire area damage in front of the mage. Short range.
Mind Push Power Icon Mind Push 4 Constant 0.5 15 4,5,6,7,8 10
Shoots a mental wave that slows all enemies in front of the mage.
Pricking Ivy Power Icon Pricking Ivy 5 Constant 1 40 3,4,5,6,7 25
Forces plants to grow and hold the foe in its place. Causes piercing damage.
Will Domain Power Icon Will Domain 6 Constant 0.5 30 2,3,4,5,6 12
Interferes with the enemy's mind and knocks him down.
Silence Power Icon Silence 7 Constant 1 60 3,4,5,6,7 25
Keeps the opponent from casting powers.
Splinter Wall Power Icon Splinter Wall 8 Constant 1 90 10 10
Offensive short range area of effect skill. Causes piercing damage to melee attackers.
Time Master Power Icon Time Master 9 Constant 2 120 10 10
Freezes all foes in the area.
Sultar's Devouring Mass Power Icon Sultar's Devouring Mass 10 Constant 2 180 20 25
Causes huge slashing, blunt and piercing damage over time.

Mana Control

Mana Control Discipline Icon
Allows manipulating the mana pool to accomplish special results.
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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
Energy Barrier Power Icon Energy Barrier 1 Constant 1 40 120
Defensive buff that creates a barrier with a set amount of health which receives damage before the mage.
Mana Burn Power Icon Mana Burn 2 Constant 0.5 50 15 25
Damage over time spell that consumes the opponent's mana and health. The damage is not resistible.
Synergy Bond Power Icon Synergy Bond 3 Direct 0.5 3 25
Allows the mage to quickly supply an ally with some of his own mana.
Dragon's Blood Power Icon Dragon's Blood 4 Passive
Passive skill that increases intelligence.
Energy Borrow Power Icon Energy Borrow 5 Direct 1 60 25
Drains mana from an enemy.
Ambitious Sacrifice Power Icon Ambitious Sacrifice 6 Direct 1 25
Sacrificing some health the mage regains mana points.
Arcane Devotion Power Icon Arcane Devotion 7 Constant 0 60 60
Buff that reduces the casting time for all spells.
Mana Pool Power Icon Mana Pool 8 Passive
Passive that directly increases the mage's maximum mana by a fixed amount.
Mana Communion Power Icon Mana Communion 9 Aura 1 120 60 6
The wizard creates a mana regeneration zone in which the allies can recover.
Mana Pylon Power Icon Mana Pylon 10 Aura 1.5 180 60 10
Defensive aura. Every second in the area of effect gives allies stackable barrier points for damage mitigation, up to 2500 points.

Staff Mastery

Staff Mastery Discipline Icon
Allows using the staff's magical energy for accomplishing special effects.
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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
Fire Magnification Power Icon Fire Magnification 1 Constant 1 120 120
Buff that provides additional fire damage to normal strikes.
Arcane Acceleration Power Icon Arcane Acceleration 2 Constant 1 60 20,30,40,50,60
Gives higher weapon speed for some time.
Arcane Projection Power Icon Arcane Projection 3 Constant 1 80 20,30,40,50,60
Gives higher weapon range for some time.
Combat Magic Power Icon Combat Magic 4 Passive
Passive ability that enhances weapon damage.
Static Field Power Icon Static Field 5 Aura 0.5 60 40 6
Area magic. Enemies that get close to the mage are affected and lose some speed.
Ice Magnification Power Icon Ice Magnification 6 Constant 1 120 120
Buff that provides additional ice damage to normal strikes.
Protection Dome Power Icon Protection Dome 7 Aura 3 90 30 10
Defensive aura that gives better spell resistance to allies.
Metabolic Control Power Icon Metabolic Control 8 Constant 1 60 60
Buff that temporarily increases concentration.
Lightning Magnification Power Icon Lightning Magnification 9 Constant 1 120 120
Buff that provides additional lightning damage to normal strikes.
Evendim's Fury Power Icon Evendim's Fury 10 Direct 2 180 10
Damages enemies around the mage for both health and mana ignoring all defenses.


Enchantments Discipline Icon
Allows increasing or decreasing abilities or qualities in people or objects.
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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
Curse Power Icon Curse 1 Constant 0.5 20 60 25
Debuff that reduces the hit chance for an enemy.
Feline Dexterity Power Icon Feline Dexterity 2 Constant 1.5 5 180 20
Buff that increases an ally's dexterity.
Blindness Power Icon Blindness 3 Constant 0.5 60 60 25
Debuff that increases miss chance.
Bless Power Icon Bless 4 Constant 1 10 180 20
Buff that increases an ally's hit chance.
Bear Strength Power Icon Bear Strength 5 Constant 1.5 5 180 20
Buff that increases an ally's strength.
Bless Weapon Power Icon Bless Weapon 6 Constant 1 5 180 20
Buff that increases an ally's base weapon damage.
Dispel Magic Power Icon Dispel Magic 7 Direct 0.5 10 25
The mage removes all negative effects on any ally or himself.
Fox Wits Power Icon Fox Wits 8 Constant 1.5 5 180 20
Buff that increases an ally's intelligence.
Clumsiness Power Icon Clumsiness 9 Constant 1 30 60 25
Debuff that reduces an enemy's dexterity.
Mass Dispel Magic Power Icon Mass Dispel Magic 10 Direct 1 120 25 10
Magic explosion that removes all negative effects on every ally in the area of effect.


Subclasses for the mage are the warlock (offensive) and the conjurer (supportive). Warlocks specialize in damage dealing magic with devastating area of effect spells and debuffs, while conjurers specialize in protection magic, summoning, and healing.


  • Arcania: Powers that allow the telekinetic movement of stones, earth and wind to cause physical damage.
  • Necromancy: A large collection of life draining powers, demonic curses, and chaotic spells.
  • Elements: A wide arsenal of offensive magic based in the elemental damages of fire, ice, and lightning.


  • Life: A large collection of healing spells, including the ability to revive fallen teammates and provide protection buffs for allies.
  • Summon: Powers that allow the summoning and enchantment of creatures and spirits.
  • Sorcery: Strong defensive spells for the protection of both the conjurer and other allies.
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