Lost Guard
Level: 4 Class: All
Given by: Daulia (Skolheim Village: 1211, 440)
XP: 150 Gold Icon Gold: 400

"Lost Guard" is a level 4 quest in the Alsius realm, given by Daulia.


The beacons are responsible for guiding ships through the ice bergs and warning of possible sea attacks, making them very important to the village of Skolheim and the nearby docks. A guard recently sent on the beacon route, Eskil, has not returned, and it appears that one of the beacons has burned out completely. Daulia wants you make the route and keep an eye out for Eskil to see what has happened.

The first beacon, located northwest of the village, is burned out and wet from the recent snow storms. You collect fire wood from a nearby Fire Wood Pile, and relight the first beacon. There is no sign of Eskil, so you proceed to the second beacon, located south of the first.

No maintenance needs to be preformed on the second beacon, as it is in perfect working order. You notice footprints that must belong to Eskil heading east towards the third beacon.

As you approach the third beacon, you see that it is also in good condition, and it has been recently tended to. South of the beacon stands Eskil, who is watching some suspicious activity on a nearby island. Mysterious figures can be seen moving boxes and setting up camp, an activity that the guards hadn't been informed of. Eskil gives you a note detailing his findings to deliver to Daulia, and stays behind to continue his investigation.

After returning to Skolheim, Daulia reads the note from Eskil and decides that someone should be sent to Rottersvall to warn them of the suspicious activity.


  1. Interact With Quest Icon Interact with First Beacon
  2. The first beacon is at 1132, 365.
  3. Get Quest Icon Get 3 Fire Wood from Fire Wood Pile
  4. Use Quest Icon Use Fire Wood with First Beacon
  5. Interact With Quest Icon Interact with Second Beacon
  6. The second beacon is at 1101, 516.
  7. Interact With Quest Icon Interact with Third Beacon
  8. The third beacon is at 1245, 553.
  9. Speak To Quest Icon Speak to Eskil (Berserkka Island: 1231, 570)
  10. Go To Quest Icon Go to Skolheim Village
  11. Give Quest Icon Give Eskil's note to Daulia (Skolheim Village: 1211, 440)


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