"Suddenly, the redhead contestant raises his leg strongly, incrusting the spiked boot into the unprotected crotch of the cyclops. Opening his eye to its maximum, it falls on his knees, and with a strong whimper collapses on the wet grass.

The barbarian looks smiling at his foot, unexpectedly turned into a treacherous weapon, and exclaims something in his mysterious language


--Luca and his horrible red hair, Chapter XXVIII: "Low Blow"

Kick is a Warrior power: the 1st of the Tactics discipline.

Kick Power Icon
With a powerful strike, the enemy is thrown to the ground.
Type: Constant
Discipline level: 1
Character level: 1
Affects: Single opponentCasting time: 0s (Instant)Cooldown time: 35sGlobal Cooldown: Normal
Power level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Mana cost 70 100 130 160 200
Spell duration 2s 3s 4s 5s 6s
Damage to enemies
Blunt Damage Icon Blunt 40-60 80-120 120-180 160-240 200-300
Debuffs on enemies
Knock down


Unlike many warrior skills, kick can be cast at any point during the attack cycle, with the exception of while powers are on the Global Cooldown. Additionally, it does deal damage, thus allowing it to work through Divine Intervention.

Documented changes

  • Version 1.10.9 (2014/8/28): Duration reduced to 2-6s. Cooldown increased to 35s. Mana costs modified.
  • Version 1.7.8 (2011/9/15): Duration of knock down effect reduced.
  • Version 1.7.7 (2011/8/30): Moved to position 1 in Tactics
  • Version 1.0.5 (2009/4/7): Renamed from Trip to Kick. Now has a new animation.
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