Regnum Online uses keyboard (the w,a,s,d,q,e keys) and the mouse for movement. Right-clicking and dragging the mouse is used to rotate the character. Left-click on the mouse selects and attacks or interacts with objects.

Movement controls and user interface windows can be changed by pressing esc and clicking keyboard.


Key Command
w move forward
s move backwards
a strafing left
d strafing right
q rotate left
e rotate right
f autorun
z toggle run/walk

Mouse controlsEdit

Mouse Action Command
left click Select object, mob, ally, or enemy. Attack enemy when in combat mode
left double-click Attack enemy when not in combat mode
right and left button hold Move character (drag to turn)
right click Center camera view front
right button hold and middle/wheel click Center camera view rear
right button hold and drag Rotate character
left button hold and drag Rotate camera
wheel scroll up/down Zoom in/out
shift+left and right button hold w/ move up/down Zoom in/out
wheel scroll up/down (over the shortcut bar) Rotate through the 4 shortcut bars

Other actionsEdit

These are shortcuts for buttons in the actions window.

Key Command
left ctrl Toggle combat mode
insert, r Toggle rest mode
alt+s Take screenshot

User interface windowsEdit

These are shortcuts to show/hide the various UI windows and elements.

Key Command
b Power Book window
c Character window
i Inventory window
n Actions window
p Community window
u Quests window
t Chat window
m Map window
o Options window
h Help window
x Premium shop
esc Main menu
alt+i CPU, FPS, position, network info
alt+p Ping info
ctrl+l (L) System messages
tab Show/hide all UI elements

Chat windowEdit

These key combinations can be used for typing a message in the chat window.

Key Command
Enter Enter chat window/send message (or just leave chat window if message is blank)
alt+left/right Move the text cursor left/right
alt+up/down Scroll through previously typed messages

Delete all text to the left of the text cursor

. When placed before text in the general chat window, it will post in clan chat
* When placed before text in the general chat window, it will post in party chat

Other key commandsEdit

Key Command
F1 to F4 Display shortcut bar 1 to 4
1 to 0

Corresponding power or action on shortcut bar

Shift 1 to 0 Corresponding power or action on extra quickbar
v (hold down) Displays all ally names (except pets)
alt When dragging items from inventory into trade or sell window, choose entire stack (bypasses amount selection window)
shift Inverts the selection priority when attempting to click on an enemy or ally.

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