Kervyn Cairndweller
Area:Montsognir City
Profession:Elite Guard
Location:864, 1450
Sex: Male

Kervyn Cairndweller was an Alsirian Elite Guard, found in Montsognir City. He was both the political leader and military commander of Alsius' Inner Realm, and lead from his headquarters - a house southwest of Montsognir City.

Military Background

With more than three hundred years of existence and having served three different emperors, Kervyn Cairndweller participated in many military campaigns (including the legendary Crystal War). A source of inspiration for his fellow countrymen, he embodied more than anyone else in history the philosophy and principles for which Alsius stands. Because of all this, he was refered as the "Master Lord".

Romantic Interest

Janner Steeljaw

Through the game, Kervyn Cairndweller developed a romantic interest in Janner Steeljaw. That became some sort of obsession, although he was too scared to approach her. This is when he required the player's help in exchange of some rewards.

Bug Following an Enemy Invasion in 2015


In 2015 (in the Haven server), in one of the times Alsius' Inner Realm was being invaded by enemy forces, Kervyn Cairndweller was defeated and killed by an unidentified enemy player that managed to sneak into his headquarters, thus disappearing from the game. Due to a bug, his quests became unavaiable to Alsius players for days. The bug was eventually fixed and the quests became avaiable again.


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