Hidden Booty
Level: 11 Class: All
Given by: Kaar Thararokk (Montsognir City: 957, 1328)
XP: 650 Gold Icon Gold: 0
Mage: Mage Tunic

"Hidden Booty" is a level 11 quest in the Alsius realm, given by Kaar Thararokk.


Kaar Thararokk tells you that being a guard has proved good for his business. He and his partners 'acquire' things that are difficult to get. A colleague of Kaar, Surli, has run into a problem; she was chased by the guards while taking illegal merchandise. Kaar was able so get the guards off of Surli's trail, but in the haste of the situation, she had to leave the merchandise behind and can't retrieve for fear of raising suspicion. Kaar wants you to help Surli, who can be found in the Tavern.

Quest seems to have been removed.


  1. Speak To Quest Icon Speak to Surli (Montsognir City: 994, 1317)
  2. Interact With Quest Icon Interact with Straw Doll
  3. The straw doll is in the room underneath the tavern.
  4. Use Quest Icon Use Surli's package with Mad Jarmina's Gravestone
  5. (Montsognir_City : 899: 1370 )
  6. Speak To Quest Icon Speak to Kaar Thararokk (Montsognir City: 957, 1328)


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