Health and mana bars are shown at the top left of the screen

Health represents how much damage a character can take before it dies. It can be seen as a red bar over the mana bar in the interface. Health regenerates over time, but sitting will make it recover faster.


Constitution is the only base attribute that increases a character's full health value. The amount is calculated by:

health points  =  level * a + constitution * b - 170

where a and b have these values depending on class:

a b
Archers and mages: 37 18.5
Warriors: 47 23.5

If the result ends in .5, it is rounded down. So for example, a level 33 marksman with constitution of 58 will have:

33 * 37 + 58 * 18.5 - 170  =  2124 health points

Or a level 47 barbarian with constitution at 85 will have:

47 * 47 + 85 * 23.5 - 170  =  4036 health points

Constitution also increases the regeneration rate of a character's health. Given their more favourable formula as well as generally higher constitution, warriors have the highest max health amounts, with archers having slightly more health than mages.

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