Haven is the current English-speaking international server.

Haven was created on April 18, 2012[1] when the server of Horus and Raven were combined. Players from each were given a prefix of their respective server and a Name Change scroll (located in their Character Stash).

Horus and RavenEdit


Launched in August 2008, the Horus server was created to expand the game into the English-speaking world. English is the official main language of the server, though other language speaking clans exist. However the server is officially not available to Spanish-speaking countries; this restriction was created to give English the chance to develop as the server's primary language. Horus currently suffers slightly from low population: having only about 1/3rd the population of Ra, the war zone is not as active here, but this also means it suffers much less from lag problems. However the the server's population and activity are continuing to grow.

Horus is normally the recommended choice for new players outside the Spanish-speaking world.


Launched in May 2011, the Raven server is aimed primarily at North American players. The server is run by Game Samba. Unlike other regional servers, Raven remains open to the international population. Additionally, accounts created with Game Samba can access both Raven and Horus(NGD's International server).

Raven has a set of GMs who run events for the server. Events include Experience Boosts, Gold Boosts, Mob Spawns, and Find the GM. Additionally, Game Councilors are players who volunteer to assist other players.

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