Gheiser Field - Antidote
Level: 6 Class: All
Given by: Galmor (Rottersvall Village: 842, 802)
XP: 200 Gold Icon Gold: 400

"Gheiser Field - Antidote" is a level 6 quest in the Alsius realm, given by Galmor.


After analyzing the blood samples you collected earlier, Galmor has determined that the Yetis of Geysers Field's are being poisoned by a strange emanation from the field's geysers. He has created an antidote that will lessen the symptoms of the affected Yeti, and needs you to pour the substance into some of the field's geysers.

The first geyser you approach is the southernmost geyser in the field. You pour the antidote into the geyser, then move on to a geyser at the north end of the field. After pouring the antidote into the second geyser, you notice that fumes rising from the geyser smell a little funny. As you pour the remaining antidote into the West geyser, you begin to feel dizzy. Concerned for your health, you leave Geysers Field and head back to Rottersvall to speak with Galmor.

Galmor is not surprised that you suffered some ill effects from the antidote, as it was designed for Yeti's and not for your race. He says that he should have warned you before you left, but that he isn't too concerned now that the task is done.


  1. Go To Quest Icon Go to Geysers Field
  2. Interact With Quest Icon Interact with South poisoned geyser
  3. Interact With Quest Icon Interact with North poisoned geyser
  4. Use Quest Icon Use Galmor's Antidote with West poisoned geyser
  5. Go To Quest Icon Go to Rottersvall Village
  6. Speak To Quest Icon Speak to Galmor (Rottersvall Village: 842, 802)


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