Geyser Field
Level: 5 Class: All
Given by: Galmor (Rottersvall Village: 842, 802)
XP: 150 Gold Icon Gold: 200

"Geyser Field" is a level 5 quest in the Alsius realm, given by Galmor.


Recently, Yeti have been attacking the area surrounding Rottersvall. While the Yeti are dangerous predators, it isn't like them to rampage as they have been. A guard has approached Galmor and offered him a sum of gold to figure out what is upsetting the Yeti, but Galmor doesn't have the strength to investigate the cause on his own. He tells you that he will split the gold from the guard with you if you can collect 5 Yeti blood samples for him to analyze.

After returning with the samples, Galmor assures you that he should be able to find the cause of the Yeti trouble. You should speak with him again in the near future.


  1. Go To Quest Icon Go to Geysers Field
  2. Get Quest Icon Get 5 Blood Sample from Poisoned Yeti
  3. Go To Quest Icon Go to Rottersvall Village
  4. Give Quest Icon Give Blood Sample to Galmor (Rottersvall Village: 842, 802)


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