Fishing Hook
Level: 4 Class: All
Given by: Rekdo (Skolheim Village: 1232, 440)
XP: 90 Gold Icon Gold: 200

"Fishing Hook" is a level 4 quest in the Alsius realm, given by Rekdo.


Fishing is very important for the village of Skolheim, so much so that many villagers travel to the docks and frozen lake to fish daily. Rekdo heard that Tarsus found a great fishing spot, but is worried because the area is inhabited by many wild animals and wants you to check on him.

You find Tarsus west of the village, and sure enough, he has found a great fishing spot and has been wildly successful. Tarsus is concerned about a pack of Daggefang hunting in the nearby rocks and wants you to get rid of them by killing 5 Stalker Daggerfang.

After slaying the creatures, Tarsus sends you back to Skolheim, but not before convincing you to carry the days catch as well.


  1. Speak To Quest Icon Speak to Tarsus (Berserkka Island: 1104, 456)
  2. Kill Quest Icon Kill 5 Stalker Daggerfang
  3. Speak To Quest Icon Speak to Tarsus (Berserkka Island: 1104, 456)
  4. Go To Quest Icon Go to Skolheim Village
  5. Give Quest Icon Give Fish bucket to Rekdo (Skolheim Village: 1232, 440)


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