Currencies Edit

Regnum Online has 3 different currencies: Gold, Ximerin, and Master Coins.

  • Gold Icon Gold is the main currency in Regnum, which can be obtained directly from defeating creatures, selling items and loot, or as a reward from quests. Gold is used to buy most items from merchants, repair armor and weapons, embed magic gems and armor enchantments, and for withdrawing items from a players stash.
  • Ximerin Icon Ximerin is the premium currency in Regnum, and can be bought from the official website [1]. Ximerin is not tradeable between players, and is only used to buy premium content ingame.
  • Mcoin Icon Master coins are a monetary unit added in the Warmasters expansion. These coins are obtained from daily quests that revolve around RvR. Master coins are used to buy rewards from Warmaster NPC's in Fisgael, Montsognir and Altaruk. Master coins are not tradeable.

Gold Management Edit

Some players might find it harder to manage their gold than others. Warriors quickly break down the durability on their armor and weapons by being in melee combat, which makes for costly repairs. Archers on the other hand will also need to buy arrows in order to have ammunition for their bows. Mages finally have the easiest gold management. Their light armors and weapons never tend to turn out very expensive, so usually mages end up with more gold then the other classes.

Player Commerce Edit

Every realm has a 'Commerce' chat tab that can be accessed while in the Initiation Zone or Inner Realm. An item can be clicked and dragged onto the chat window and other players can see the seller and more detailed item information. Player commerce itself centers mostly on the trade of special items with bonuses. Common items for trades are items from bosses and magic gems. Magnanite ore is also extensively used among players as a fourth currency in high end trades because of it's value in magnanite weapons.

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