Some skills will have a specific effect that will affect an enemy's control over his character. These are called Crowd Control effects. Their goal is to incapacitate or limit the combat capabilites of opponents in order to defeat them easier, escape or many other tactical purposes.

There are several types of crowd control spells in Regnum Online:

Dizzy[edit | edit source]

Cannot cast any power. Naturally this effect is most devastating against spellcasting warlocks to limit damage.

The powers that cause dizzy are:

Knock down[edit | edit source]

Probably the strongest CC effect: the character will fall on the ground and won't be able to move, cast or attack. However, while knocked, any attempts to apply dizzy, stun or immobilize (as well as another knock) to the target won't have any effect.

As of 1.6.3, characters cannot evade, resist or block attacks or spells while knocked.

Note: Due to a bug the knockdown effect of powers lasts about 0.5-0.75s less than the advertised time.[citation needed]

The powers that cause knockdown are:

Most crowd controls will not work on knocked targets. Only crowd controls such as Confuse, Darkness and Freeze will work.

Cannot attack[edit | edit source]

The character cannot attack with normal hits or powers, but can still move. He can also cast buffs or defensive spells on himself or others. Note that this effect can be dispelled by the target using Dispel Magic, which limits it's effect on Mages that carry dispels.

There is only one power that has this effect. Beetle Swarm Power Icon.jpgBeetle Swarm for mages.

If Beetle Swarm is cast on a Barbarian buffed with Unstoppable Madness Power Icon.jpgUnstoppable Madness, the power will not have any effect.

Stun[edit | edit source]

Target is unable to move, attack or cast spells. They appear jogging on the spot with stars around their head. Stun effect is canceled if the stunned character is attacked.

The stun effect is powerful because it prevents the target from performing actions, and also can be followed up with a knock down while the stun is still in effect. This prevents the target from having a chance of recovering as with Freeze effects.

As of 1.6.3, characters cannot evade, resist or block attacks or spells while stunned. [citation needed]

The powers that cause Stuns are:

Immobilize[edit | edit source]

Not able to walk or run, but can still turn around or attack.

The following powers cause immobilization:

Freeze[edit | edit source]

Not able to walk, run, turn, cast or attack, but cannot be attacked either. For this reason it's important to use this effect carefully, otherwise it may give the target a chance of escape.

The powers that freeze are:

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