Contaminated Water - Medicine for Everybody
Level: 9 Class: All
Given by: Zeref (Essadi Village: 5171, 1176)
XP: 350 Gold Icon Gold: 2000

"Contaminated Water - Medicine for Everybody" is a level 9 quest in the Ignis realm, given by Zeref.


Zeref said...

Well you have proven yourself to be discrete and trustworthy in our efforts in helping to protect the people of Essadi from the Ximerald found in the water supply.

I have been adding an elixir to the water Barrel on weekly basis. I have done this secretly, so as to not cause a panic in out town or kingdom. This has been requested by the Empire.

Take this bottle of elixir and add it to any Barrel in town that are not empty. There should be only three Barrel that need the elixir. I will pay you for your help on your return.


  1. Use Quest Icon Use Bottle with Barrel
  2. Use Quest Icon Use Bottle with Barrel
  3. Use Quest Icon Use Bottle with Barrel
  4. Speak To Quest Icon Speak to Zeref (Essadi Village: 5171, 1176)

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