Constitution is one of a character's five base attributes in the game. Its main effect is over the character's health points. Knights are the class that have the most constitution points, and so the highest HP in the game.

Each point of constitution is worth 18.5 HP for archers and mages, and 23.5 HP for warriors. See the article on health for more information on the formula for how a character's health points value is derived from consitution points.

Penalty to constitutionEdit

Some powers have the effect of reducing an enemy's consitution points, and therefore their HP. The following powers include this side effect:

These powers have the expected effect on a character's Max HP: reducing it by const penalty * 18.5 for archers and mages and const penalty * 23.5 for warriors.

If the character is not at full health when their constitution value changes, their new health value will be the same proportion of their max health as before the constitution change. For example:

  • A barbarian with health currently at 3000/4000 (75%) is hit by level 1 Seeking Strike (-15 constitution). Their new max health value will be 4000 - 15 * 23.5 = 3647 HP. Their current health value will be adjusted to the same 75% of the new max HP, ie: 3647 * 0.75 = 2735 HP.
  • While still under the consitution penalty effect they receive more damage and their HP is now 1823/3647 (50% health). Then the Seeking Strike spell wears off, and their health value goes back up to 2000/4000 (50% health).
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