Version: 1.9.7 (Date: 2012/10/30)



  • New: Auction House (Allows to trade items between users). These are found in the main city's surroundings of each realm.
  • New: Mailbox. Allows users to receive messages from the Auction House. These are found near the city stables and in the Warzone Marketplaces.
  • New: Legendary armors and weapons have been added to creature's loot. This equipment adds 1 more modifier compared to the Epic ones. The additional modifiers from the "Legendary" equipment cannot be obtained in less rare items.
  • New: Arcane Magnanite Weapons. Obtainable through a new quest available in the main city of each realm.
  • New: Halloween Event (will be activated on October 30th).


  • New: The WarMaster disciplines have been redesigned. Now they differ among subclasses and contain new powers, and a redistribution of the preexistent powers as well.


  • Modified: Map and minimap system has been optimized, improving the visual aspect during its load and reducing the memory consumption in approximately 50 mb.
  • Modified: Effects system optimizations which prevent certain unexpected client crashes.


  • Modified: The "Item Mall" window has been reorganized to improve its usability.
  • New: Diamond Lucky Box (it has a chance to grant a legendary item).
  • New: Halloween-themed objects.
  • Zarkit Custome (Includes mask).
  • Frankestein Mask.
  • Wizardry Hat.
  • Halloween-Themed Horse.
  • Magic Broom.
  • Magic Wand.


  • Modified: Character's beards now use the same material as the hair, being affected by ambient illumination.
  • New: The zones listed below have been redesigned:
  • Daen Rha near-by ruins.
  • Ancient Alsius Ruins.
  • Ancient Syrtis Ruins.
  • Warzone Cemetery (Alsius).
  • Oasis near the Samal Altar of Resurrection.
  • The Dark Mine (Ignis).
  • All pines in the world have been redesigned.
  • All pinewood forests have been reorganized.
  • Dvergardunn Run (Alsius).
  • Kheled's Slope (Alsius).
  • Birka surroudings (Alsius).
  • Montsognir surroundings (Alsius).
  • Snowy Rocks (Alsius).
  • Warzone Markets have been redesigned.
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