Aura powers are similar to Constant Powers, but they are a special type which gives some benefit to all allies (or some harm to all enemies) surrounding the caster. If a player moves away from the caster, he will lose the effect, but will regain it by moving close again.

Auras are a very important part of RvR; many subclasses have aura powers. They are mostly defensive, but some are offensive too. Aura powers count as buffs on the user, so they are dispellable.

There are a couple of oddities with auras; NGD hasn't confirmed whether these are bugs or intended features. Firstly, if a player is under the influence of 3 auras at once, then a 4th will have no effect, even though its status icon may show up on the player's screen. Once the 1st aura runs out then the 4th (now the 3rd) will have its effect.

Secondly, if an aura spell is cast when another of the same spell is currently active, they will accumulate, but the second will take on the power level of the first. For example if a mage casts Mana Communion at level 5, and then another casts it at level 4, all allies in the area will receive the level 5 effect twice, ie: 15 + 15 mana per second. Only one status icon for the spell will appear on the players screens, showing the information for the first aura cast.

List of Aura Powers[edit | edit source]

  • Archer: None
    • Hunter: None
    • Marksman: None

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