Magnanite weapons are unique weapons forged by NPC's after the player collects 10 magnanite ingots (from 5000 magnanite pieces). When the player speaks to the NPC while having the 10 magnanite ingots in their inventory, they are presented with a dialog that allows them a set of weapon choices based on their class, in order to forge one weapon. After the choice is made, the magnanite ingots are removed from the inventory and the player gains the newly forged magnanite weapon that they chose.

They have a unique look, and higher base damage than their regular counter-parts in that weapon type (for example, the Magnanite Longbow will have more damage than the Composite Dragonwings Longbow which is the highest level slow/35 bow). They are also the highest quality weapons in the game, the only items that have the quality type "Artisan".

The main advantage of the Magnanite weapons is the fact that they carry two sockets instead of the usual one socket that regular weapons can have. This allows the weapon to drastically change behavior depending on the gems that the player chooses to embed. Players can opt to use two gems that boost attack speed, or two gems that boost a certain type of damage, or use one of each type, etc etc. The other advantages of the Magnanite weapons are of course their higher base damage and their unique look.

The available Magnanite weapons are:

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