Arcane weapons
Level: 50 Class: All
Given by: Vekka Fussfritz (Montsognir City: 969, 1305)
XP: 0 Gold Icon Gold: 0
Weapon of choice

"Arcane weapons" is a level 50 quest in the Alsius realm, given by Vekka Fussfritz.


Vekka Fussfritz: You think you know everything about magnanite and its effects over weapson? Would you believe me if I told you that you can enhance the power of this magical mineral? Let me explain.

While enslaved in exile, our smiths and mages were forced to study ancient forbidden enchantments. They were made to transmute and alter the properites of basic elements, making them more powerful but the knowledge came with a heavy price.

Many were sacrificed in abhorrent experiments, and many more gave their lives willingly so we could use that knowledge to finally get us back to this world.

Using these techniques to forge mighty arcane weapons in secret, they supplied the best of the Lamai warriors to right against our masters and managed to open a way into these lands.

Are you ready to have a taste of this arcane power?

You will need 15 Magnanite Ingot.

And you should get a Matrix/Transmutation elixir to use with Magnanite Ingot when forging the weapon.

Speak with Elbert Blunderdawdle to get more information.



  1. Speak To Quest Icon Speak to Elbert Blunderdawdle (Montsognir City: 1012, 1318)

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