See also Artisan Magnanite Weapons.

Arcane Magnanite weapons are unique weapons forged by NPC's after the player collects 15 magnanite ingots (from 7,500 magnanite pieces) and 20,000,000 gold.

Before creating a weapon, the player must first purchase a Matrix for 20,000,000 gold from an herbalist. When this item is successfully paid for and owned, the player will go and speak to another NPC who has the Arcane weapons quest.

After completing the Arcane weapons quest, the 15 ingots and the Matrix will be removed from the player's inventory and they will be given an interactable item that they can click to open. A dialog will then appear that will give them their Arcane Magnanite choice weapons and the player will receive the weapon they have chosen.

Arcane Magnanite weapons have a unique look, and higher base damage than their regular counter-parts in that weapon type (for example, the Magnanite Longbow will have more damage than the Composite Dragonwings Longbow which is the highest level slow/35 bow). They are also the highest quality weapons in the game, the only items that have the quality type "Arcane".

The main advantage of the Arcane Magnanite weapons is the fact that they carry two sockets instead of the usual one socket that regular weapons can have. This allows the weapon to drastically change behavior depending on the gems that the player chooses to embed. Players can opt to use two gems that boost attack speed, or two gems that boost a certain type of damage, or use one of each type, etc etc. The other advantages of the Magnanite weapons are of course their higher base damage and their unique look.

The available Magnanite weapons are:

Additional notes: This line of Magnanite weapons are considered the 'New Magnanite' weapons by the old players. These weapons were released after the Warmaster and level cap increase as an 'upgrade' to Magnanite weapons--without removing the 'older' ones.

Arcane Magnanite weapons were released in version Changelog 1.9.7

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