An expensive war
Level: 50 Class: All
Given by: Baldrik Hammerstriker (Montsognir City: 897, 1336)
XP: 0 Gold Icon Gold: 0
Mcoin Icon Master Coins: 100

"An expensive war" is a level 50 quest in the Alsius realm, given by Baldrik Hammerstriker.


Baldrik Hammerstriker said...

The realm's economy is still strong, but a war this long could bring unexpected consequences.

None of the Nobles and Generals dares predicting a victory soon enough, and we have to guarantee future provisions for our soldiers.

That's why, to prevent any inconvenience, we turn to our citizens for a donation.

Will you do it? If so, go to Rottersvall Village and visit Arnulf's store. You'll be able to acquire Fine Fabric Pieces.

Once you get 5 Fine Fabric Pieces, give them to Hemma Copperbottom.

Your generosity will be rewarded.


  1. Go To Quest Icon Go to Rottersvall Village
  2. Speak To Quest Icon Speak to Arnulf (Rottersvall Village: 827, 781)
  3. Give Quest Icon Give Fine Fabric Pieces to Hemma Copperbottom (Montsognir City: 884, 1343)
  4. Speak To Quest Icon Speak to Baldrik Hammerstriker (Montsognir City: 897, 1336)


Fine Fabric Pieces cost 20,000 gold each. This quest effectively converts 100,000 gold into 100 warmaster coins. Talking to the merchant does not give you the Fine Fabric Pieces. You must click on Commerce and buy the Fine Fabric Pieces through the usual buying interface.

This quest is repeatable and resets daily at 3:00 GMT.

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