There are a certain number of non-combat actions that can be used by the player. These can all be used from actions window, or dragged from here onto one of the character's shortcut bars.

On Garde Action Icon On Garde (shortcut: left ctrl)
Puts the player into or takes him out of combat mode.
Rest Action Icon Rest (shortcut: r or ins)
The character rests to regain health and mana at a higher rate. Moving cancels resting.
Private Message Action Icon Private Message (command: /chat <name>)
Opens a new chat tab for a private conversation with the other player
Trade Action Icon Trade
Opens a trade window with another player
Create Party Action Icon Create Party (command: /party <name>)
Creates or invites another player into your party.
Create Party Action Icon Recruit (Clan)
Recruits a player into your clan, though you must have a high enough clan rank to be able to use this command.
Screenshot Action Icon Screenshot (shortcut: alt+s)
Takes a screenshot


Applause Action Icon Applause (command: /clap)
Blow Kiss Action Icon Blow Kiss (command: /kiss)
Challenge Action Icon Challenge (command: /challenge)
Cheer Action Icon Cheer (command: /cheer)
Dance Action Icon Dance (command: /dance)
Kneel Action Icon Kneel (command: /kneel)
Point Action Icon Point (command: /point)
Reverence Action Icon Reverence (command: /reverence)
Wave Action Icon Wave (command: /wave)
*can be used on a mount for a special effect